Day 16, Meep needs vet care,$4000 reward

Today is day 16 without our baby, Meep 💔

I am pleading to anyone that may have her, or know something about where she may be..

MEEP needs immediate care. She is on daily medication for her knee and needs surgery that is not only very expensive, but will require someone to be home with her while she is healing. She also has respiratory issues that require vet care often. She has medication for that and a nebulizer as well. She is only 1 but will need ongoing care for life.

*She was rescued as a baby and has been SPAYED and chipped*

We miss her so much. No one is sleeping, we’re barely eating.. the pain Summer and Ryan are in is unbearable. Please, if you have her, find it in your heart to bring her home to her family. She has a family that absolutely adores her. She is my daughter’s baby and been attached to her from day one.

Please 🙏🏻

❗️The $4,000 REWARD is yours. Cash in hand, NO QUESTIONS ASKED❗️I want everyone to know that we truly mean that. We just want our baby home💔

MORRISTOWN AREA but could be anywhere at this point.

Please help us get the word out

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