Meep is a one year old spayed female Boston Terrier who went missing at 12:15 am on 1/1/24 in Morristown, NJ after being scared by fireworks. There is reason to believe she was picked up after she ran to Dorothy Drive. We are asking for any help in getting the word out to locate her.  She may be limping and has breathing issues, and needs medication.

 $6000 REWARD for Meep's safe return, $1500 for anonymous tips that leads to her return. No questions asked. All we want is our baby girl Meep home with us.

Meep needs medical attention, now and for life!

Meep is chipped.

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Dorothy Drive, Morristown, NJ is the last known sighting as well as where Meep's scent was lost by a tracking dog.

Meep’s Family has one Priority #BringMeepHome

February 27, 2024

Meep’s family has one priority and that is to bring Meep home by ongoing information sharing. We are not personally profiting from any donations or sales of any items related to sharing Meep’s info. Some generous people have donated their time to create stickers, t-shirts, etc and are doing so at their cost or as…

Flyer Distribution Event

February 18, 2024

Please RSVP on ONE of the following links so we know how many posters to print. All help is very much appreciated! Please bring your own staple gun if you have one! We will meet in Morristown, NJ location TBD RSVP on facebook RSVP on google doc Etsy shop for car stickers Facebook public…

New Meep Posters for Download

February 14, 2024

We have added PDF files which will print better, and we have added the website to the flyers. Sharing Meep’s flyer EVERYWHERE is mostly what we need right now! She could be anywhere and we need her home! Thank you! Visit this Link to Download Flyer Join the Bring Meep Home Public Facebook Group Here…

Share Meep’s Story Everywhere!

February 8, 2024

PDF of English Poster PDF of Spanish Poster Meep’s Website Meep’s Socials: Join the Public Facebook Group GoFundMe to help the search Read past posts for all info and how to identify Meep – she is a female, spayed Boston Terrier with special needs.

Meep’s Close Ups to help Identify Her

February 5, 2024

Meep has a v shape on her back, her left leg has more white then her right legHer chest is white and her neck is also whiteMeep may be limping since she hasn’t had any of her medicationIf you see a dog who could be Meep – DO NOT WASTE TIME CALL THE COPS AND…

Bring Meep Home GoFundMe Started

February 2, 2024

Summer Sheldrick Hi everyone, as our search for Meep continues we feel like we should try different search teams, and additional avenues to try and get our baby back. Many amazing people have reached out regarding wanting to donate towards finding Meep, so these donations will help us cover the cost to continue our search.…

Bring Meep Home – Submit Tips!

January 31, 2024

Help us find Meep. Please submit specific tips only so that we can focus on following up on critical information. You can remain anonymous if you choose. There is a $1500 reward for information that helps bring Meep home safely and a $6000 reward for her safe return. If you leave your contact information you…

Thank you & follow Meep’s TikTok

January 31, 2024

Summer Sheldrick (click link to follow Summer on Facebook) Originally posted on Summer’s Facebook 1/30: Hi everyone, I just wanted to come on here and express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone that has continued to share Meep. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I have been receiving, and I…

A plea from Meep’s Mom

January 23, 2024

From Summer Sheldrick, originally posted on facebook Please continue to share! Tik Tok To whoever has Meep, I write this with tears running down my face, and I can only hope that whoever you are, you are taking good care of my baby. Do you know that she can only eat from a…

Video of Meep running on Dorothy Drive the night she went missing – please check cameras!

January 22, 2024

This coincides with Dorothy’s scent being found and then lost on Dorothy Drive, Morristown, NJ. The family is hoping more footage is available – thank you for the person who found this video and please check yours if you live in that area! This video is right after Meep went missing 1-1-24. 201-400-4397 Tik…

Summer 973-650-0635

Ryan 201-400-4397

Molly 973-971-8489

Morristown Police 973-538-2200

As a family we are absolutely devastated about our missing dog Meep, the Boston Terrier. She has been gone since 1/1/24 from Budd Street Morristown New Jersey (near Morristown High School) when she got out and ran because of nearby fireworks.

We have spent countless hours searching for her everyday & we would like to thank all who have helped us search for our girl Meep.

We are hopeful a kind person has taken her in with the best intentions. Someone who may not realize Meep has a loving family waiting for her to come home.

Everyone please continue to help us find our girl, check your cameras, talk to you family, friends & neighbors. If you notice they recently found a spayed, female Boston Terrier please tell them our story in case it’s our girl.